Sudbury Carving & Stained Glass Club

The Sudbury Carving and Stained Glass Club meets at the Parkside Centre. This club is open to anyone      interested in carving or stained glass, and welcomes those with experience in […]

Cardio Drumming

Chair cardio drumming or Pound Class for    Seniors is an excellent way to have fun and get exercise while seated and/or standing. You will enjoy all of the benefits of […]


ParkSide Pace Setters: Going the Distance

Meet at the ParkSide Centre and go for a stroll! Socialize and meet new people for a relaxing walk.  We will start off with 3km and work our way up […]


Advanced Guitar

At this level, you will learn alternate chord shapes (triads & CAGED system) and develop more dynamic rhythm skills. The primary focus will be to make you feel at ease […]


Intermediate Guitar

If you are developing an ease with playing chords & strumming patterns, then you are ready to learn a   wider variety of these chords & patterns. You will develop your […]


Fitness Dance with Coach Gabriel

This hour-long FITNESS DANCE is designed to provide older adults with physical exercises in one of the most enjoyable ways of getting up, moving around and keeping fit! Low impact […]


Android Smartphones (Samsung, LG, etc.)

Smart phones do not have to be overwhelming. Join us for a class on how to navigate your smartphone more easily.  *Maximum 5 participants ParkSide Members can click on this […]


Parksinson’s Mobility Program

Join Kinnect to Wellness for a low-impact exercise program designed to benefit those diagnosed with           Parkinson's. The program focuses on improving posture, range of motion, muscle strength and endurance as […]


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