ParkSide Pace Setters – Going the Distance

Meet at the ParkSide Centre and go for a stroll! Socialize and meet new people for a relaxing walk. we will start off with 3 km and work our way […]


Beginner Ukulele

ParkSide member Marc Noiseux is a retired teacher and would like to pass on his knowledge of the Ukulele. He has received a great deal of high-quality instruction and his […]


Guitar Lessons – Intermediate/Advanced

At this level, we start to see faster alternate picking, more complex rhythmic skills such as galloping and triplets, and some more complex chord shapes. Register by calling 705-673-6227 or […]


Parkinson Mobility Program

Join Kinnect to Wellness for a low-impact exercise program designed to benefit those diagnosed with Parkinson's. Thursday classes start at 1:00 pm.


Guitar Lessons Level 2 with Dan

If you have started playing the guitar and would like to progress in your abilities, you may want to consider a more advanced group. Call 705-673-6227 to register. Members can […]


Fitness Dance with Coach Gabriel

This hour-long Fitness Dance is designed to provide older adults with physical exercises in one of the most enjoyable ways of getting up, moving around and keeping fit! You can […]


Guitar for Beginners — Level 1 with Marilyn

Starting with a few basic chords, a little music theory and our own guitars, we aim to develop musical awareness, ability and understanding through learning familiar songs. Join Marilyn by […]


Android Tablets

Android Tablets can have name brands like Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Microsoft and more, but these are NOT Apple iPads. Join this class to learn how to navigate your Tablet, download […]



Mahjong is usually played with 4 players and is a game of skill, strategy and calculation. The game has plenty of regional variations.

Pleasure Craft Boaters Course

All boat operators in Canada must NOW have the Card or they risk expensive fines. The Card is good-for-life and is recognized across Canada and the US. Pre-registration required. Call […]


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