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Empowering older adults in achieving an active, independent life style

We offer a wide variety of programs that are available throughout the year.

The current program guide is available here and is updated several times per year with new dates and details.
We also offer inexpensive lunches on weekdays from September to June, excluding holidays and have live entertainment at the lunches on Fridays.

We Stand by:

Friendly & Social Environments

Learn something new in an open and friendly environment from leaders in our community

Programs that keep you active

From Tai Chi to other low impact exercise, maintaining an active life style has never been easier!


We always keep it affordable.Sponsored memberships and programs to assist those individuals who otherwise could not take part in the ParkSide Centre activities and services are available.

Featured Programs of this Month :

ParkSide Centre Without Walls

ParkSide Centre Without Walls (PCWW) is easy to join and enjoy for free.  Now seniors in our area can be part of a community from the comfort of their own home.  No computer or internet needed, just a phone call connects participants with educational, health and wellness, travelogues, local history and games sessions Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, just to start. New programs will be offered as we grow.  Seniors are not alone when they join this interactive telephone-based virtual seniors’ centre. It’s fun, free and easy!

Baby Zoomers Entertainment Series

ParkSide Centre has partnered with Café Heritage to bring you a NEW! Virtual Live Music platform to enjoy! The “Baby Zoomers” Entertainment Series will be hosted every Thursday night at 7:00 pm from November 2020 until March 2021 on the ParkSide Centre Without Walls platform. This grant will allow us to Co-Host local and regional entertainers, live using Zoom, all from the comfort of your home! Each Entertainer will showcase a variety of genres of music including folk, country, Celtic, Retro 50’s & 60’s, francophone and indigenous styles with some interactive story-telling for all audiences to enjoy. Contact us to Pre-Register today!

The Magic of Movement

Heather Wallingford is a retired Physical and Occupational Therapist who has worked for nearly 60 years with children, adults, the elderly and in heavy industry. She has had an interest in neurophysiology and how it relates to function for the past 45 years. She loves teaching and learning and helping people to look after themselves. She will talk about all the things that movement does and the importance of exercising throughout the day to try to duplicate the amount of activity that you did when you were younger.


November 12, 2020

2:00 pm


Programs based on Member Suggestions


Members who learn something new


Those who participate in active Lifestyle classes